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ATL Global Advisors views proper wealth management as a critical component in helping our clients manage, organize, and control their financial lives. Successful wealth management is a process, not an event. Pursuing one’s financial future, particularly in an uncertain economic environment, requires continuous oversight by an integrated team of financial professionals who can provide insightful advice and timely execution against an agreed-upon set of financial goals.

Integrated Approach

Asset Allocation: Collective view all of your assets - How should we look? - What allocations should be in what accounts to create efficiencies and support our overall goal?

Tax Asset Allocation: How are we structuring the tax liabilities of our investments? How will future changes in tax laws effect our distribution strategy?

Traditional versus Non-Traditional Asset Allocation: What percentage of our assets are in traditional stock market assets versus non-traditional?


There are numerous ways to invest. Some of which include the use of individual money managers, mutual funds, unit investment trusts, non-traded products, etc. We will educate you on the advantages and disadvantages of the strategies available, help you understand how the fees and expenses differ and assist you in making the most appropriate choice.

Due Diligence

We subscribe to an Open Architecture Approach to asset management. This means we are free to pick and choose among various solutions and experienced managers in the marketplace. We help you sift through the options so we can focus on precisely what’s best for you and your family.

Through a customized selection process, we scrub each holding through outside resources to identify the most appropriate managers for the strategy. On a quarterly basis, we scrub each holding through the same selection process to ensure they meet the established criteria.


Through one of our online tools, we can create an Investment Policy Statement and establish a variance percentage for each of our asset classes. If the asset crosses the threshold on either side, we will each receive an automatic email alert.

We meet with our clients on a quarterly basis to review your allocation strategy, the performance of the individual accounts, and discuss rebalancing options and whether or not initial recommendations have changed.


Every six months, we will revisit our allocation percentages of where we are now versus where we start. We will determine whether or not to rebalance our overall assets. At a minimum of once per year, we will rebalance to the recommended allocation model.