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Our comprehensive financial planning will take the stress away from planning and pursuing goals. With this holistic plan, you can spend more time with friends and family knowing your finances are taken care of.

Our Personalized Process

Our Personalized Process

Our personalized process looks at your goals and determines a plan that fosters independence for you, confidence for your family and more time with your loved ones.


Evaluate Current Finances

We''ll analyze your financial statements/cash flow to understand current picture, maximize planning strategies, help develop cash flow, and help borrow money.

Enhance Group Program Benefits

Analyze current benefits and their impact to your current and future financial picture. Evaluate alternative strategies to enhance current benefits package.

Manage Risk & Protect Assets

We'll review your insurance coverage(s) and review the effect rising healthcare costs have on your retirement nest egg. If there is no appropriate risk management and asset protection.

Evaluate Investment Strategies

We'll evaluate your current investment strategy, recommend appropriate asset allocation and discuss alternatives designed to reduce tax liabilities for your assets.

Plan For Retirement

We'll analyze your present retirement plans to determine their impact on pursuing your  retirement needs/goals. Determine whether or not your retirement objectives are attainable in the event of a long-term disability or long-term care need.

Ensure Children's Education

We'll evaluate the specific needs and desires for education of your children. Analyze inflation adjusted projections and evaluate different tax favored investments for funding.

Evaluate Estate Plan

We'll review estate and tax plan to maximize estate preservation. Review current asset protection plan to preserve estate in the event of premature death, disability, health care need or liability event. Evaluate alternative strategies that may help reduce or eliminate estate taxes.

Access To Advanced Financial Planning Software

Access To Advanced Financial Planning Software

Don't Forget! Your comprehensive financial plan will include the most comprehensive planning softwares for clients and advisors. E-money's software includes:

  • Tracking of all accounts in one place including checking, mortgages, investments etc.
  • Simulations with immediate feedback that help understand financial impact of decisions.
  • Live updates on balances and asset allocation
  • Personal data vault where you can store as many documents.
  • Information sharing between clients and advisors for easy review meetings.
  • What-If scenarios to understand current picture and model future.