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Our Process

When working with our clients, we utilize a personalized, high-touch approach to wealth management that helps us evaluate and coordinate each client's financial needs and goals, manage assets and execute strategies to pursue specific goals, and support efficient wealth transfer across generations. This process is designed to empower our clients with a clear understanding of where they are in their financial life and where they are headed.

Depending on a client's needs, we may also call in a specialist to assist, such as an estate attorney, CPA, or insurance agent.

Once a client is partnered with an adviser, we follow a comprehensive seven-step process:

Step 1: We begin by listening to your goals and analyze your current plan, so we can develop the type of plan that will benefit your situation.

Step 2: Following, we pinpoint the gaps between your current plan and your objectives. By identifying these gaps we are able to introduce solutions, alternative strategies and options that are personalized to you. We also begin to develop potential solutions designed to assist you in protecting your family and your assets, accumulating wealth to support your cash flow needs, and discuss how to prepare for unknown risks associated with the market, economy, taxes, inflation, and other areas.

Step 3: After a thorough discussion of the facts and a complete education of the solutions, our team formulates a written comprehensive blueprint of your financial plan.

Step 4: After careful review of the recommendations, we will decide how and at what pace do we begin to establish the new blue print of your financial plan. We work at a pace comfortable with our clients. We will outline how each step should be implemented and coach you through the process. With the vast array of services available in the financial industry, there is no one size fits all. Each potential solution we present has their own set of pros and cons. Our job as an independently managed firm is to help you openly understand the intricacies of the solutions, identify why the solutions help support what you want to accomplish, and disclose any fees and/or expenses. The bottom line is, this is your plan! Our job is to help you understand the how and the why so you can make the most prudent decision for your future.

Step 5: A Plan created today is only as good as the information we have today. We will schedule routine review meetings, including quarterly investment reviews, annual plan updates, and annual service reviews. As mentioned previously, we are in this together and our job is to be proactive in all changes that occur in our client's life not reactive.