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Atlanta Office

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Atlanta, GA 30338

Investment Management

A good investment strategy is designed to meet all your needs. Our investment strategies make sure to take into consideration health concerns, marital status and children. They also take into consideration your risk tolerance. 

Ways to Invest:

Some ways to invest include the use of individual money managers, mutual funds, unit investment trusts, non-traded products, etc. We will educate you on the advantages and disadvantages of the strategies available, help you understand how the fees and expenses differ while also assisting you in making the most appropriate choice.

Our Integrated Approach:

  1. Asset Allocation: Collective view all of our assets - How should we look? - What allocations should be in what accounts to create efficiencies and support our overall goal?
  2. Tax Asset Allocation: How are we structuring the tax liabilities of our investments? How will future changes in tax laws effect our distribution strategy?
  3. Traditional versus Non-Traditional Asset Allocation: What percentage of our assets are in traditional stock market assets versus non-traditional?

ATL Global Advisors Cares About Your Unique Situation


Executives often have many responsibilities and little time to focus on managing their financial life. We aim to give the advice and support necessary to make sure that your life goals are met.

Small Business Owners

Growing small businesses is a team effort. Because of this, we focus on protecting and making the most out of your business's assets. 

Individuals & Families

We help those that worked hard to attain their wealth and want to ensure financial security for their family and future generations.

Specialize: UPS Employees

We are positioned to fill a glaring need for transparency, clarity, and accountability in managing the investments and complex retirement plans and benefits of UPS employees.