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What clientele do you specialize in?

We specialize in helping UPS employees and retirees from UPS in major areas that a client needs help with such as... income planning, protection of assets, insurance needs, stock option planning, equity and mutual funds, ETF investing, IRA's, ROTH IRA's and 401(k) plans,   We stay well informed on the UPS compensation structure and benefits due to how closely we work with our clientele.  This relationship enables the UPSer to spend more time enjoying the achievements of their life and work.

Will I work with a team of employees or will I deal with you directly?

Each one of our valued clients will have a dedicated personal Adviser to primarily work with.  Your adviser may call in a specialist to help in certain cases.  Each client will have access to a Client Concierge and a Planner under the supervision of your personal Adviser.  This process allows our clients to feel secure knowing that they will get the attention they deserve.  

What are your core Principles?

  • Clients come first- Objective- no production requirements
  • Customization- Individually tailored- process oriented solutions
  • Communication- Relationship focused
  • Collaborative- Team approach- Collaboration with other trusted professionals our clients may retain
  • Cutting Edge Technology- Full account aggregation and reporting from anywhere in the world

    Brown Group Planning cares about what is happening in your financial life.

What makes your customer service unique?

We subscribe to the former advertising slogan "What can BROWN do for you?".  This is where our name Brown Group Planning was derived from.  By helping out UPSers we have a  simple strategy that we follow day in and day out.  Provide a client experience based upon trust and comfort, listening and understanding, responding and following through.

How do you help your clients?

Our personalized approach to wealth management helps us to evaluate and coordinate each client's financial needs and goals (Financial Planning), manage assets and execute strategies to pursue specific goals, (Investment Management) and support efficient wealth transfer across generations (Estate Planning).  This process gives our clients a clear understanding of where they are in their financial life and where they are headed.

Why should I do business with Brown Group Planning?

Whatever the market environment,we engage our clients in collaborative, in-depth discussion to gain clear understanding and develop tailored strategies.  Many of our clients, for example, want to manage their wealth as they prepare for retirement.  Some seek strategies to transfer wealth to their family and /or business partners.  Our goal is to help clients pursue their unique goals by making thoughtful financial decisions for the long term.  This can provide our clients with confidence and the time to pursue their passions.