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Looking to Save Money While Still Investing In Real Estate?

Looking to Save Money While Still Investing In Real Estate?

Most retirement accounts aren't flexible when it comes to taking your money out before the age of 59.

By allowing you to take out money as a loan, a Solo 401k gives you the amazing opportunity to use your money whenever. This way, you can feel empowered to invest your money in real estate as needed.

Its Real Estate Professionals Most Popular Retirement Plan... Here's Why

1. High contributions prepare you for retirement

Make annual contributions up to $57,000 or $63,000 if you're older than 50. Larger contribution limits than other retirement plans. 

2. Flexibility to take out your money tax-free

Borrow up to $50,000 or 50% of your account value (whichever is less) and use loan proceeds towards any purpose.

3. Invest in something you believe in

Some of the investments you can make with your Solo 401k are: Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Real Estate, as an example.

4. Administer your account easily

Easy to operate and administer. There's generally no annual filling requirements unless your account exceeds $250,000 in assets.

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Kevin Myers, Your Financial Partner

Kevin Myers, Your Financial Partner

Kevin Myers is prepared to find the best available retirement package for your unique situation. Having helped hundreds of clients, he is now in the 30A corridor helping you prepare for a life after real estate. You can be assured that your current and future financial situation is taken care of.

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