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Why You Would Hire Us

There are countless financial services firms, so why should you choose ATL Global Advisors? We work hard to differentiate ourselves from the sea of conventional firms, and we believe there are a few reasons in particular why our clients choose us:

Our Independence

As an independently managed firm, we steer clear of conflicts of interest one might encounter when they are a customer of a major bank, insurance, or brokerage firm. We don’t solicit or offer any proprietary funds. There are no production goals or product specific sales quotas for our advisors. Our responsibility is to recommend and provide advice in the best interest of our clients.

A Diverse Team

We offer a truly unique experience that sets us apart from other wealth management firms. As our team includes professionals experienced in investment management, retirement plan consulting, and financial planning, our interdisciplinary approach adds a broader perspective to all that we do and allows us to offer a comprehensive suite of services under a single roof.

A Specialized Focus

Rather than cater to everyone, we prefer to focus on a select group of clients we believe we can best assist. Based in Atlanta, we're in the hub of the transportation and logistics industries, where UPS and similar companies are headquartered. We've spent years learning about the retirement plans offered to these employees and their financial planning needs. With this thorough understanding in mind, we can help these individuals put their hard-earned money to work and pursue a confident financial future and retirement.

Comprehensive Services

We pride ourselves on getting the job done without our clients having to do the heavy lifting. We treat our firm as a private wealth office, addressing their entire financial landscape. We go a step beyond wealth management services and assist with other financial concerns they may have, whether it’s securing a mortgage loan, buying a car, or helping their children start a budget.

Customized Solutions

Our customized solutions are frequently “outside the circle” of conventional solution sets. Too often, firms don’t offer a full spectrum of services that cover the many unique financial needs business owners, professionals, and experts have. From planning for your business to investing for your family, we address the entire landscape of your needs today, tomorrow, and down the road.

Ultimately, we aim to provide an improvement and an enhancement to the quality of your life. By providing customized strategies, ongoing education, and strategic advice, our objective is to empower our clients to make informed decisions, feel more at ease, and reduce the worry factor in their lives.