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Managing Your Tax Exposure

Managing Your Tax Exposure

February 04, 2019

Tax planning is a part of our ongoing process which should continue beyond tax season. My goal is to help you avoid surprises and take advantage of provisions that can help you manage your tax exposure.

How you allocate your assets across taxable, tax-deferred or tax-free accounts is important for determining how much you may keep and how much may go to Uncle Sam. Proper allocation can also help you tap into your money in the most tax-efficient manner when you begin taking distributions from those accounts—helping to avoid unnecessary taxation which can diminish your assets and your income potential over time.

Tax planning throughout the year also helps identify opportunities to manage your tax exposure through strategies that may include tax-loss harvesting, gifting to loved ones or the charitable organizations you support, or accelerating deductions (such as out-of-pocket medical expenses or charitable contributions) in a given tax year.

While the tax strategies that are right for you will depend on your personal situation and circumstances, there’s no question that planning throughout the year can greatly reduce the potential for surprises when it comes time to file your next return.

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