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Who We Serve

Our Specialization

We specialize in helping UPS and other transportation and logistics employees and retirees with their comprehensive financial and retirement planning needs. As they've worked hard all of their life, they want to ensure they can support their family and plan ahead for the future, including their retirement.

UPS has an extensive and comprehensive employee compensation plan. These plans include LTIPs, MIPs, pension plans and stock purchase plans. We design specific plans to solve UPS employees' retirement concerns, current cash needs, and retirement planning goals. Working to establish a close working relationship, this enables our clients to spend more time enjoying their passions in life and less time worrying about the many complex details of their finances. 

Because of the many tasks involved with handling these complex UPS issues, we use experts in their respective fields, such as the client’s CPA, attorney, and other key financial service providers, to create a wealth management model by coordinating these services. With in-depth knowledge of the UPS compensation structure and benefits, we are uniquely qualified to assist these employees with their planning needs.

Beyond the Transportation and Logistics Industries

While our focus is on serving those within the transportation and logistics industries, we also serve business owners and working professionals who have worked hard to accumulate their wealth and strive to make prudent choices with their money to ensure it lasts. These individuals include business owners, CPAs, engineers, expats, and high net worth families. Each of these clients has unique interests and needs, from implementing a 401(k) plan for their employees to understanding cross-border taxation and money management.

Regardless of who we're serving, we provide all of our clients a personalized approach to wealth management that helps us evaluate and coordinate their financial needs and goals, manage assets and execute strategies to pursue specific goals, and support efficient wealth transfer across generations. This process is designed to provide our clients with a clear understanding of where they are in their financial life and how to reach their desired destination.