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The Best Ways To Get In Touch With Us

The Best Ways To Get In Touch With Us

May 22, 2018

Hi Clients and Friends, 

Recently it has come to our attention that some have tried to send a text message to our landline phone number and have been disappointed with no response. We just wanted to send a reminder that our office phone number isn't compatible with texting, so calling or emailing are the best ways to get in touch. 

This is an opportunity to highlight that our regulators greatly prefer that we communicate via email so that we have a written record of any questions or trade instructions. We value your trust and security, so we are keeping our communication methods compliant with finance laws. 

Our Contact Info:

Gary Lutrick, MBA, RFC
Landline: (404) 303-9994

Kevin Myers, RFC
Landline: (678) 401-6102

Please feel free to get in touch anytime, via call or email, if you have any questions or topics you would like to discuss.

About Gary

Gary Lutrick, MBA, RFC is a financial advisor and partner at ATL Global Advisors, an independent financial services firm serving transportation and logistics employees in the greater Atlanta area. Along with nearly 30 years of industry experience, he holds an MBA in finance and the Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) certification. He focuses on helping his clients plan for retirement, manage risk, and define financial objectives that integrate their family values. Learn more by connecting with Gary on LinkedIn.