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Why a Career UPS Professional Would Hire Us

February 20, 2017

ATL Global Advisors is a financial services firm offering a serious, long term approach to growing and sustaining wealth for employees/retirees of UPS.  We are positioned to fill a glaring need for transparency, clarity and accountability in managing the investments and complex retirement plans and benefits of corporate employees.


Our primary objective is to provide sound financial planning and investment management tailored to meet your needs and circumstances.  Many corporations offer their employees complex retirement, compensation and/or benefits packages, making it work for you is OUR job!

For example, as a UPS employee, do you know:

  • When the Selling Window opens for you to sell stock?
  • How much UPS stock can you sell to stay above the Ownership Threshold?
  • The impact on your taxes this year from the Restricted Performance Units (RPU’s) that you have received the previous 5 years?
  • Is your UPS Retirement Plan enough to sustain you for a comfortable lifestyle in your Retirement years?
  • How much should you be investing into your UPS Savings Plan for retirement?
  • Which funds should you be investing into in the 401k Savings Plan?
  • Do you have enough life insurance should anything happen to you or your spouse?
  • Do you need to plan for long-term care in retirement?
  • When was the last time your will and investment accounts were updated with the proper beneficiaries?
  • The best way to deduct charitable contributions of UPS stock?

To help you answer any of these questions, please contact us today.