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Why I Became a Financial Advisor

Why I Became a Financial Advisor

March 29, 2017

Sometimes, childhood fancies wane as you enter adulthood while others stick with you. For me, economics fell into the latter category. I had always been interested in the economy and how money and investments function. I studied finance in college knowing I wanted to become a financial advisor. However, it wasn’t until I entered the industry that I learned the many different routes an advisor can take and the roles he can play.

Starting My Career

After graduating college, I started my career in banking, working at First Union National Bank. Over the years, I quickly climbed the ranks, serving as a State Mortgage Production Manager and Private Banker. With the desire to work more in investing, I joined Merrill Lynch as a financial advisor, and later worked with Smith Barney as a Sales Manager and Vice President. During my years in these positions, I worked with a number of high-net worth families and professionals.

Finding My Own Path

While I loved my career, I wanted more. I wanted to feel challenged and inspired, and I wanted to help a wider array of people. I realized I could fulfill this desire by working independently. In 2011, I made the leap, leaving the world of banking and big brokerage firms to become an independent advisor with Cetera Advisors. I also formed my own firm, Dynasty Wealth Management.

A few years later, I decided to combine my practice with several other advisors to create ATL Global Advisors so I could better serve my clients and expand my offering.

My Career Today

I feel incredibly lucky to have a career I love. I have been working in this industry since graduating college and my work ethic is one of my strongest attributes and drives me every day. Over the years, I have changed firms and many of my clients move with me. I think people choose to continue working with me because I do all I can to get the job done so my clients don’t have to do the heavy lifting themselves.

I treat my business much like a private wealth office, serving my clients’ many financial needs and questions. Rather than limiting my services to investment management, I am always happy to help my clients secure loans, buy or lease cars, help their children budget, and more.

In all that I do, my greatest goal is to help clients realize their hopes and dreams for a happy, well-planned retirement. If I can continue to help create a legacy for them, my hope is to have that legacy created for me, as well.

There are certainly challenges to running a business and being an advisor. In particular, my time is limited as I need to work with clients and market and manage my business. Sometimes it can be challenging stay on task. However, despite the long hours, I can’t imagine having any other career. It’s so fulfilling when I help clients work toward their goals, such as buying that dream vacation home or successfully selling a family business. Additionally, because I build such strong relationships with my clients, I always enjoy meeting with them in social settings, whether we’re playing a round of golf or enjoying a wine tasting.

Working Together

I always enjoy meeting new people and seeing if we would be a good fit for one another. Whether you have questions about investing or your retirement income needs, I’d be happy to speak with you and review your concerns and goals. To get started, email me at or call 678-401-6102.

About Kevin

Kevin Myers is a financial advisor and managing partner at ATL Global Advisors, an independently managed financial services firm serving transportation and logistics employees in the greater Atlanta area. With more than two decades of industry experience, he specializes in providing private wealth management services to business owners and their families, with the goal of helping them realize their financial dreams. Learn more by connecting with Kevin on LinkedIn.