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Planning Services

Cash Flow

Our initial goal is to understand what current and future cash flow needs are anticipated. What are we planning towards?

Retirement – Education – Wedding – Second Home – New Car – New Home – etc.

► Cash Flow Calculator

Debt Analysis

How much debt are we currently carrying? What are the interest rates associated? Are we paying minimum payments or higher? Are we adding to the debts each month? How long will it take to pay off and how much will it ‘cost’?

Credit Card – Hypo Loan – Primary and Second Mortgage – Line of Credit – Auto Loans – etc.

►  Paying Off A Credit Card Calculator

Emergency Reserves

How long will our liquid assets last with no income? What expenses are necessities and what are ‘luxuries’? Based on current economic environment and work experience, how realistic is the time line on finding a new career? And at what income level?

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning includes identifying sources of income, estimating expenses, implementing a savings program and managing assets. Future cash flows are estimated to determine if the retirement income goal will be achieved.

The emphasis one puts on retirement planning changes throughout different life stages.  What stage are you in?

►  Retirement Savings Calculator

Risk Management

What are we trying to protect? What really do we have? How are we currently allocating to our protection? Are we sure we have the proper coverage? Are we paying too much?

 Life and Health Insurance – Disability and Extended Care Insurance

►  Life Insurance Assessment Calculator

Asset Management

Current employer-sponsored 401(k) – Roth and Other Individual Retirement Accounts – Taxable Brokerage Accounts – Employee Restricted Stock Units and/or Options – Variable Annuities – 529 Accounts – etc.

Questions: How should your ‘big picture’ allocation look? Are you deferring all of your taxes? Do you have your ‘funded’ accounts allocated properly in comparison to your ‘un-funded’ accounts? Are you 100% in market-oriented investments?

Tax Planning

Paying taxes now or deferring taxes? What happens if I defer all of my taxes and taxes are higher in retirement? How do I minimize my current taxes through deferring income, maximizing deductions and deductible expenses? Should I select more tax-efficient assets for my brokerage accounts rather than my retirement accounts?

Estate Planning

In working with your attorney or an attorney we can refer you to, we will ensure your wills, trusts, power of attorneys, etc. are updated and in good order. Typically, we update ownership and verify beneficiaries on all accounts, review and/or draft wills, trusts, power of attorneys, health care directives, etc.—create distribution strategy for surviving spouse and/or minor children—identify and name guardians, executors, trustees, etc.

Other areas of planning:

  • Education
  • Group Benefits
  • Pension Analysis
  • Retirement Income
  • Mortgage Analysis